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Through different media, worldwide, the oil companies expect to have access to information and the continuous development in different topics related to this field. LANTINCORR multiplies the opportunities for these companies to give their opinion. And also works in becoming an ally of the different areas in the oil industry to contribute to economic development, and in turn strives to be the preferred information resource in Spanish-speaking countries.





In order to achieve a greater understanding in the area of ​​corrosion and mechanical integrity of assets in the Hispanic market, LATINCORR arises from the need to create and consolidate a quarterly technical magazine (March, June, September and December) providing intellectual leadership and analytical services in this area. Also, LATINCORR reaches and covers various needs in the area of the oil industry by using more advanced technologies, also providing information about equipment and services in the following areas:

Upstream: wells, flow lines and flow stations.
Midsream: oil processing plants and gas gathering stations and distribution
Downstream: refineries, tank farms and pipelines (pipelines) of refined products.




LATINCORR support the operational work of the companies creating new and dynamic approaches to communication development , offering different types of strategic platforms :


  • Promote equipment, products and new technologies for the oil industry.

  • Encourage business relations and trade between U.S. companies of America ( USA) and Latin America.

  • Promote to professionals , researchers, universities and companies working in the understanding of corrosion and its prevention.

  • Forum for exchange of technical information between academic professionals and researchers in Spanish-speaking countries and Portuguese.

  • Ensure that the progress of corrosion developed in these countries become known internationally. In turn, our panel of experts will select carefully the best items and these will be published and translated into many languages ​​for publication in other journals .

  • Post articles that are presented and discussed in Congress NACE - LATINCORR






Collaborated in the organization of the VIII Latin American Congress on Corrosion, NACE LATINCORR 2012, held in Lima - Peru from 10 to 13 July 2012.


Telf: +1 (713)984-4774



Telf: +1 (713)984-4774



Telf: +1 (713)984-4774



Telf: +58 (414)111-5777



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